Little Jimmy

Babysitting the neighbours kid Jimmy..It was midnight, raining, and the power was out. I find Jimmy crouched near the door at the top of the basement, staring into the darkness. “Psst” he says..”don’t’s hiding downstairs”. I grab a torch and quickly go down a few steps to the basement to investigate..”psst” I hear a voice that sounds like Jimmy’s “don’t go…it’s hiding upstairs”


DOGGIE WORLD – The Love-bug, the Princess and the Ankle-Biter

  • To bite or not to bite…that is the question : Attempting to charge like a bat out of hell at my significant other (SO), the ankle biter screeches to a halt as all 6’4 of SO walks up to the house. She stops, stares, and debates the wisdom of turning tail, ankle-biter is hauled back into the house before causing insignificant damage… loves the hair drier…will not move when said hair drier is being used on her after her bath.
  • More humans for me please!: Love-bug loves humans…adult humans, baby humans, other dogs…except for rats, the neighbors cat, the birds and the annoying squirrels that have decided they hold the monopoly of the mangoes that grow on our Mango tree. Makes a big din when people walk in or if put outside to do her “business”…can be found investigating the contents of our garbage bin. Can also be found licking up the remaining contents of mild powder packets (even though all three are fed and fed well). Does not run across the floor, she bounces across the floor
  • Little miss muffet : One cannot believe that such a delicate looking creature can hunt rats with such skill that she would make most cats would blush in shame. The Princess loves sitting on the lounge nearest to the window and watching the world go by…wait…aren’t cats the only creatures that are supposed to do that? will take food morsels that are offered  delicately, whereas with the other two, even your fingers end up in their mouths.

Sweet men…